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John Mark is a dreamer and a storyteller who feels deeply called to bring hope to our city through the local church. He loves movies, being outside, and sharing life with good friends and family. He loves to laugh and rarely takes himself too seriously.

John Mark joined the Coast Guard at 19 and served 8.5 years. During that time he got a Bachelor's in Religion and a Master's in Christian Ministry from Liberty Theological Seminary. Before moving to Asheville he worked as Student Director at Echo Church in San Jose, California. In 2013 he and his wife felt God calling them to plant a church. They spent the next two years building a team, planning, dreaming, and researching. In 2015 he and his family moved to Asheville to start the Gathering Church.

He married Rahel in 2010 and they have two children, Eleanor and Dagny. Rahel is smart, funny, and detail oriented. She brings consistent wisdom and balance into their house.

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Robbie loves to put legs to a vision. For years he has told those around him that his calling is to be a “second man.” The best leaders are those who have a strong team around them. Robbie wants to bring strength to The Gathering Church by seeing the vision come to a reality.

Before moving to Asheville, Robbie spent 27 years in Charleston, SC. For 8 years he served and worked with the Young Adult Ministry at Northwood Church. He spent 4 years Pastoring the Young Adult ministry at Northwood. He and his wife, Chelsie, love being a part of community that cares for one another. They believe that God wants to reach Asheville in a unique and creative way and they are excited to be apart of this journey!

Robbie raises his own salary to work on staff at The Gathering. If you would like to contribute to Robbie’s support, you can do that here.

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Robert is a “creative” who loves production, technology, music and graphic art.  He has a BA in Youth Ministry from Charleston Southern University. He is the type of guy that does a Google search on something as he feels as though a topic of conversation needs more information or a question answered. Social media, branding and marketing take a high priority when it comes to a business, organization or event. Prior to moving to the mountains of Asheville, Robert was a beach boy native of Charleston, SC.

He invested 17 years at Seacoast Church and served most recently as the worship and creative director for their student ministry, Custom Students.  He and his wife, April, founded #scripturedoodle, a creative movement of illustrating God’s Word as well as Well Crafted Retreats

Robert raises his own salary to work on staff at The Gathering. If you would like to contribute to Robert’s support, you can do that here.

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Sarah has always had a heart for serving along with an unyielding ambition to cultivate and grow that value in others.

From the Nursery through to Young Adult Ministry Sarah enjoys the adventure of discovering the area of greatest impact to influence the next generation.  She also seeks to make Kids Ministry the most fun place to be on a Sunday morning!

Born and raised in Michigan Sarah has a Bachelors in Hospitality Management from Purdue University and 15 years in the service industry.  Sarah's husband Brian is from San Jose California and a leader in the Sunday Worship experience. Together with their bubbly toddler Nouelle they enjoy traveling, dance parties in their living room, and going out for ice cream. 

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Mikey’s a native Texan who’s always up for a pick up game of any sport, meeting new people or traveling anywhere. For over 10 years, Mikey’s ministry experience has ranged from serving with students and leading the young adults ministry at his home church in Texas, to moving to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois where he served as a Student Pastor, and then as a part of a church planting team. His heart beats for people to get out of the boat and walk with Jesus daily in the known and the unknown. Whether he was spending a year in Swaziland, Africa, or working as a Starbucks manager, the goal has been the same…to see people come alive as they encounter Jesus personally.  

Mikey and his wife Morgan met working in student ministry in 2006, and wholeheartedly believe that the world can be radically impacted by a generation of students who have been ignited to passion and purpose. They are excited to be a part of what God has in store for the students of Asheville.

Mikey raises his own salary to work on staff at The Gathering. If you would like to contribute to Mikey's support, you can do that here.

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Danielle can accomplish just about anything set before her and she dreams big. She is what many call a “doer”! Danielle has a huge heart for loving and caring for people well and pointing them to Jesus. She loves helping the broken, locally and internationally; see just how much God loves them. In 2009 she was a part of her first mission trip. It was this trip that cultivated the small seed for serving internationally that grew and overwhelmed her heart. Following that trip, she lead 2 short term teams and experienced more people beginning a relationship with Jesus than she ever imagined!

Danielle met her husband 18 years ago working in a local barbeque restaurant. They were married in 2008. Danielle and Daniel have a passion for family! They believe wholeheartedly in adoption and fostering and plan to continue to build their family this way. In 2014 their first son Cooper was born and their second son, Cayson was born in 2017.

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Paul and Heath have been living Asheville for three years now. In March 2017 they found a home at The Gathering and have not looked back.

Paul is a native of Upper Michigan and lived in the midwest for most of his life. He moved to the south about 10 years ago and Heath likes to say he got here as quickly as he could. Heath is a native of Asheville and lived in the surrounding areas growing up. She graduated from Appalachian State University.

Paul and Heath met nine years ago while living in Charlotte and they have been married for eight years. They both love the mountains, and all that comes with living here, so moving back to this area was a no brainer. 

They both have extensive backgrounds working in ministry. Paul also has an extensive background in construction and carpentry. He owns his own business and can be found all over the area doing remodels and upgrades. Heath works for a ministry called CrossExamined.org that is based out of Charlotte. She is the Event Coordinator for her boss, Dr. Frank Turek, who travels all over the country and world speaking at college campuses, conferences, churches, etc. 

Most of all, Paul and Heath love getting to know people and learning how their stories make them who they are. They strongly believe that living in community creates a space for people to truly become who God intended for them to be as they walk through life together with others. They are passionate about seeing people find freedom as they participate in life groups and have seen first hand how life changing they can be. 

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